Drug Screening

Pre-employment drug screening proactively protects employers from the potential negative impact of  individuals with substance abuse issues. Misuse of alcohol and drugs in the workplace is a significant concern for employers. Post-employment random screening can increase productivity and deter employees from the use of these substances at work.

TABB INC. has partnered with LabCorp and Quest to provide the fastest, most secure services possible to our clients.

Standard panels test for the most commonly abused drugs. Custom drug panels that meet your particular concerns and requirements are available at no extra cost. With the legalization of cannabis in many states, employers should determine if state guidelines now prohibit testing for this substance in your state.

Our Medical Review Officers (MROs) are licensed physicians and will review each positive result. The MRO will review and evaluate results with the candidate or student to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Employers certified as Drug-Free Workplaces can qualify for savings on insurance and workers’ compensation premiums.