Automated E-Reference Checks

E-Reference Checks- Leveraging Our Technology

In addition to our standard reference checking and criminal record research, TABB INC. provides a new service that will take reference checking into the future. We are working on solutions that will reduce client “pain points”, areas that cause delays, hinder the recruiting process, and increase the cost per hire.

Background checks have been conducted the same way since the invention of the phone. As technology evolves, we are exploring new services that will improve the recruiting process and the quality of hire. Our E-Reference Check (ERC) technology opens the door to new possibilities for Human Resources to reduce time to hire, costs and the involvement of recruiters in the background process.

E-Reference Checks offer the following benefits:

  • Obtain performance related information with a cost-effective process before time-consuming recruiter and hiring manager interviews
  • Review the candidate’s performance history at a nominal cost before incurring the expense of a full background investigation that includes criminal record research fees
  • The client can utilize our standard occupational questionnaires or create job specific questions to obtain the information you require

How does it work? When logged into your account with us, recruiters have two options from which to choose that will initiate the ERC process. Both options will generate unique occupation-based questionnaires to the candidate’s references. Responses from references will populate into an easy to read ERC report that provides an overview of the candidate’s performance.

Option 1-

The recruiter generates an ERC email to the candidate that includes an introduction and instructions to engage supervisors, coworkers, and peers. The ERC software platform will direct the candidate to enter information regarding their occupation, employment, and their reference. The candidate will be prompted to include the reference’s phone number, email address and the HTML link to the reference’s LinkedIn profile to confirm the reference’s identity and validity as a reference.

Option 2-

Recruiters generate unique occupation based questionnaires created by the ERC directly to the candidate’s references via email and obtain a performance evaluation without the interaction of the candidate. The candidate is not involved when utilizing this option. Recruiters can initiate the process in the earliest stage to primary references and obtain an evaluation before the background investigation.

Recruiters monitor responses from references and view candidate evaluation reports through an account dashboard. Results are typically available in less than forty-eight (48) hours and at a fraction of the cost of a typical background investigation.