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Student Immunization and Document Management Services

Our student immunization and document management system will work with college health care programs quickly and easily manage the required documents students must submit for approval. TABB created an Internet based software system that allows students to easily upload immunizations and other documents into the student’s account with us.

The Student Immunization and Document Management System offers the following benefits:

  • Converts a time-consuming paper process into an efficient digital format
  • Students can manage their requirements on a tablet or phone from their account with TABB
  • No need to fax, copy or print documents. Students can take a photo of documents with their phone and easily upload for review
  • Students receive continuous email reminders when a requirement has not been submitted, rejected, additional action is required or a submission has expired until the issue is rectified.
  • A detailed report of the status of all submissions for each student and the class as a whole can be exported with a click of a mouse to easily review at a glance. In addition, copies of all documents for each student and the class can be exported to a folder to save, review or forward to a health care facility to confirm each student has complied.
  • College administrators can utilize this service for free and easily manage the document review process from their account
  • If a school prefers to outsource this process, TABB will manage the review of student submissions.

Documents submitted by the students will be available to college administrators for review from their account with TABB. The submissions will be searchable by a number of options including the student’s name, immunization or document type, status (approved, rejected, expired, titer required, all statuses, etc.) and by date, class or program identifier.

Administrators will have the ability to approve or reject the student’s submissions. Additional statuses will be available to manage submissions that require a titer, new immunization(s) and expiring documents or immunizations. The administrator can include comments with each change of status to keep the student informed. Each time the status is changed, the student will receive an email that will include the updated status and any comments made relating to the review of an immunization or document the submission.

There is no cost to students or our college clients to utilize our Management System if the college manages the review and approval of immunizations and other documents. If requested, TABB will manage the review of student submissions for a fee. The cost for this service may be paid by the college or by the student.

Please contact our student customer service line at 800-887-TABB, ext. 305, at your earliest convenience to discuss this new service.

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