Why Choose TABB



TABB INC. is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association. Out of thousands of background companies in the country, only 125 are accredited through this organization. What does the accreditation mean? TABB INC. has made a commitment to uphold and deliver the highest level of industry standards for the following critical areas:

  • Information Security

  • Legal and Compliance

  • Client Education

  • Researcher and Data Standards

  • Verification Services Standards

  • Business Practices

TABB INC. received the seal of approval for its commitment to achieving excellence through high professional standards with accountability that results in continued institutional improvement.

Tired of a painful background screening process?

What causes the pain? In general, the background industry parses each professional reference, employment and education verifications, and criminal record research so that a single background check on a candidate can have three, four, or more individuals overseas working on your candidates report.

These individuals are anonymous, there is no accountability and generally have little or no interaction with a recruiter.

United States Employees

All of our background researchers are located in the United States. Your candidate’s personal information, and in fact their entire life history, is not outsourced outside our borders where there is little identity protection.

Worried people

Our Solution How many background vendors can make this claim?

Direct accountability. Only one researcher handles all aspects of your background investigation. The name, phone number and email address for our researcher is included in every background investigation report we create. Recruiters and hiring managers are encouraged to reach out to our researcher to discuss any aspect of the background investigation, request special handling and additional research. This interaction results in an important professional rapport and a better understanding of how we can provide information you require to make an informed hiring decision on an expedited basis. Our researchers and client recruiters on a first name basis.


Does your vendor claim that criminal record checks are returned in less than a minute?

This is an outright fabrication. The vendor will report results in less than a minute, but to claim that they are conducting a “criminal check” is a misleading exaggeration. Vendors use what they call Artificial Intelligence (AI) to scrape data from the Internet and compile a database of limited information that is stale and often lacks personal identifiers to confirm the record belongs to your candidate. This “check” merely accesses this database and reports the results. This is not the same as a criminal search that is conducted through a state agency or county court.

background vendor conducts criminal research

Do you know how your background vendor conducts criminal research around the country?

Not all criminal record checks are conducted equally. In fact, vendors are often deceptive regarding how they conduct research. Deception is not something you want in a vendor.

Part of the Professional Background Screening Association credentialing process is a requirement that vendors must state how and where a criminal record search is conducted. TABB INC. only conducts primary source criminal record checks through the State Police or other statewide agency specifically designated to allow criminal record checks for employment purposes. Our background investigation report will state a search was conducted through the appropriate source; the New Jersey State Police, the Office of Court of Administration in New York, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, etc.

If your background screening report does not indicate research was conducted through a state agency, we need to talk.

Higher accuracy. Reduce Compliance Risks.

You are in a no litigation zone

Our policies and procedures are the reason why TABB INC. has never been sued or been the subject of litigation unlike most vendors.

Conducting the proper criminal record research through proprietary sources such as the State Police or other state agencies offers the highest level of confidence in the outcome and will mitigate compliance risks.

Save valuable time. Automate manual processes.

TABB’s proprietary reporting system API seamlessly integrates with your ATS, or HRIS delivering a streamlined process for ordering, notifications and reporting. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on your goals.

Technology transforming manual processes into an automated workflow.