When was the last time you audited your hiring processes? COVID has disrupted Human Resources processes and there has been little time available to professionals to perform their standard duties without finding additional responsibilities. If it has been some time, try to find an hour or two to conduct a quick review of your background check practices.

Do recruiters provide all candidates a copy of the Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA as required by this act? Several states have their own Summary of Your Rights that must also be included in the on boarding process along with the FCRA.

If candidates are denied an employment opportunity as a result, in whole or in part, due to information contained in the background investigation is a pre-adverse action and adverse action process implemented? Does the wording in the action letters include the name, address and telephone number of the background vendor and notification that the applicant has a right to dispute the findings in the background report? Does your action process include providing a copy of the background investigation and a Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA?

When a criminal record is developed for a candidate, a review of the record that is developed should confirm personal identifiers belong to the candidate and if there is any question, further research must be conducted. Is a determination to deny employment made by one individual or in a group? Are EEOC guidelines followed during the review of the record and the discussion with the candidate?

Employers with multiple locations and a decentralized Human Resources  require site audits to ensure that all locations are on the same page and that hiring practices are implemented and following acceptable protocols.

If you are not a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), you are left on the sidelines and you are missing trends and best practices in Human Resources. A recent article in the SHRM HR Magazine reviewed the topic of periodic audits of Human Resources functions. Identifying areas where unintentional bias could occur or the potential for litigation should be a top priority for either annual or semi-annual audits.