Healthcare Students with a Criminal Record?

Medical students walking through corridor at the university

Don’t let a record ruin your career

Healthcare Students with a Criminal Record

If you are a student in the healthcare field, it is likely that at some point in time you may obtain practical experiences at a healthcare facility. Many facilities require a criminal background check prior to this experience. If you were arrested in the past, it is likely this record will be developed and it could possibly prevent you from gaining the practical experiences you need to complete your courses.

Don’t ruin your career. Take steps now and contact the court where your case was heard and determine the final disposition. Confirm if you entered into a pretrial intervention or other deferred adjudication. If you successfully completed this process, the charges will be dropped, but they still could be found in a criminal record search.

Discuss the opportunity to have your record expunged. In most cases you can apply for an expungement without the assistance of an attorney. Don’t delay. Expungements can take between six months and a year to process. You want this record erased so that it will not be found in a criminal record search.