Thirty-seven states and more than 150 counties and cities across the country have implementing Ban the Box legislation to reduce employment barriers for ex-offenders and have them judged on their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The Ban is intended to reduce barriers for ex-offenders, however in most cases the box really isn’t banned. It is moved to another part of the recruiting process, usually after an offer of employment has been made. The Box can lead to rescinding an offer if the candidate indicates that they do not record and a criminal record is developed due to false statements on the employment application.

Each year the number of jurisdictions will increase and someday, the Ban will be in every state. State legislators are amending their previous Ban the Box legislation and expanding protections for candidates into other areas beyond the Box. How will employers manage this process and track future developments?

TABB INC. provides instant access for our clients to current Ban-The-Box and salary disclosure legislation as well as guidance to confirm your practices meet at FCRA and EEOC guidance requirements from within their account with just one click.