Second Chance Initiatives

TABB INC. encourages initiatives that support individuals returning to the workforce. Numerous studies have shown that “Ban the Box” and Second Chance initiatives accomplish the goal of increasing the hiring of individuals who have committed past offenses, reduces recidivism and provides the opportunity for individuals to return as productive members of society. Criminal record research is necessary to substantially mitigate potential legal exposure for employers particularly those insensitive industries such as healthcare. We support and encourage our clients to follow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines to evaluate both the criminal record itself and criteria to determine its relevance to the position prior to denying an employment opportunity

TABB INC. supports initiatives that offer opportunities that will break the cycle of recidivism and poverty. Our subsidiary is actively working with second chance programs utilizing technology that allows offenders to capture recommendations from second chance programs, civic organizations, mentors and others to confirm their value to prospective employers. The TABB software platform works with candidates to obtain recommendations from individuals with firsthand knowledge of their character and tell their story to a potential employer.

Responses from references are compiled into a digital report that can be included with a resume or in an email. With just one click, employers will have the information they need to confirm the candidate deserves an opportunity and a second chance.